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Stop the procrastination and overwhelm and learn the EXACT PROCESS 
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In this free masterclass
you'll learn...
  • The EXACT process I used to discover my own genius zone and create (multiple) profitable businesses I love (the same process I use to help my clients uncover their genius zones and start their own businesses!)
  • How to reveal your special talents, unique skills and interests so you can start using them to create a profitable business you love
  • The 4 pillars you need in order to create a meaningful business, that gives you both fulfillment and financial freedom 
  • The ​#1 mistake women make in choosing a business or career that leaves them bored, or worse...broke :(
  • How to choose ONE business to start, even if you have tons of great ideas!
About Your Presenter
Kimberly Letona
Kimberly Letona is a Global Success Coach helping professional women clarify + connect with their passion and finally take action on their dreams so they can create a life and business they LOVE - full of joy, adventure, and abundance. 

She is a multi-passionate entrepreneur with an MBA, who provides dreamers and procrastinators with the system, support and accountability to take massive action on their goals with confidence and courage.

Kimberly is a wife & mama on a mission to empower women around the world to fulfill their God-given potential while prioritizing what matters most to them. 
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